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 Sunday Mar 29
Sexy, Intimate & Classy Body Rubs - (Duluth/Lawrenceville/Suwanee) Camera Icon
VIP Busty former Cheerleader that will keep you bliss - (Druid Hills area) Camera Icon
VIP FB RUBS For YOU!!!! - (Atlanta) Camera Icon
★☆★☆100% Sweet Body Rubs!.★☆★☆ - (buckhead) Camera Icon
Upscale Black Barbie 💝💝💝💝 - (Atlanta Downtown Airport Buckhead) Camera Icon
Stop Dreaming about it and just Do it!!! - (Come to You) Camera Icon
sensual body rub - (buckhead) Camera Icon
Full Body Rub Massage★ SPECIAL SPECIAL OFFER▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓ ★ - (midtown atlanta OUT CALLS ONLY!!) Camera Icon
sensual body rub - (midtown atlanta) Camera Icon

 Friday Dec 12
Erotic Massages - (Atlanta) Camera Icon

 Saturday Sep 20
Young exotic beauty - (Cobb county) Camera Icon
LONG DAY - (buckhead) Camera Icon
Erotic & Sensual Massages By Lolaa The True Puerto Rican Princess - (atlanta) Camera Icon

 Monday Jan 06
Visiting Atlanta 10/3-10/6!!! Soft Sensual Chocolate Goddess!!!! Book Now!!! - (Atlanta,GA) Camera Icon

 Sunday Nov 17
Blond Blue Eyed Dream come true - (Roswell) Camera Icon

 Tuesday Jul 16
Senusual Oily Body Grind Massage by Nikki - (i20east decatur/lithonia) Camera Icon
Private & Discrete!! Exquisite Body-Rubs by Bethany @678-668-4596 - (NE Atlanta,GA) Camera Icon
Hot NURU massage - (gwinnett/ metro Atlanta)
Intoxicating BTB Stimulation will leave You Wanting More!!! - (Gwinnett) Camera Icon
Sexi MILF no rush b2b mutual touch...let a mature woman take you to paradise! - (Tucker) Camera Icon

 Wednesday Jan 30
Sexy ass black girl give a good massage - (Downtown atlanta) Camera Icon
Body Rub by Petite Ebony - (Alpharetta Roswell) Camera Icon

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